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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabric Wall Hanging

 For a while I wanted "gratitude" up in my house somewhere.
I thought about vinyl but didn't want to pay for it
(u know me:)
It was before I figured out how to make faux vinyl.

I decided that the next best option would be to make a wall hanging.
I didn't have any spare wood on hand to make one.
So, the idea just sat around in my head. 

Then one day as we were driving to the community pool we passed a house with a ton of trash sitting out on the curb.  I didn't want to stop.  My hubby said that it looked like there might be some good stuff (I didn't see anything...because I didn't look in it...duh).  I got out and took a look.  I actually did find a ton of good stuff.  I think the best find was this frame. 

It is pretty big.  It still had its glass in it.  The picture wasn't great but I know I good find when I see it. 
We loaded up the stuff into the back of our van and went swimming.

About a week later I finally figured out what to do with it.  I wanted to paint "gratitude" on the glass (like I did in my hand painted mirror this link to check it out).  So I got started.  I took out the picture, cleaned the glass, and painted the frame.  The frame was dry and I was putting the glass back in when it broke...I wanted to cry...I almost did.

I had my heart set on finishing my project.  I had to walk away so that I wouldn't get angry.
I sat on my bed thinking of how I could still make it work.  Then it came to me...use fabric...paint on the fabric.  I had fabric!  I had the perfect color.

I knew that if I painted on the glass I could just wipe away my mistakes. 
Painting on fabric is totally different.  One mistake and it's done.
I decided to use a stencil.

Here is how I did it...

  • frame (with backing-or make one out of cardboard)
  • paint (for frame/lettering)
  • paint brush (I prefer foam brushes for stenciling)
  • fabric
  • box cutter/exacto knife
  • Packing tape or hot glue gun (with glue:)

1.  Prep frame (paint if needed)
2.  Place the fabric into the frame from the back.
3.  Place the frame backing into the frame.
4.  Pull the fabric along the edges pulling the fabric taut/tight.
5.  Tape the fabric in place to the frame backing/backboard
(make sure the fabric is taut/tight).
I used good old clear packing tape ($1 at Walmart).
It is what I had on hand.
6.  Secure the frame backing/backboard into the frame
(double check to see if the fabric is taut/tight)
Did I say that enough?..ok...I think you got the message:)
7.  Find a font and saying you like. 
Use your computer to enlarge the letters to the size you want.
For large projects it will run onto multiple pages.
8. Cut out the lettering with a box cutter/exacto knife/etc. to create the stencil.
Remember...not to totally cut out the center pieces. 
Leave it connected with a little bridge.  This gap can get painted in when you are done.
9.  Tape pages together(if necessary) and tape the stencil to the fabric.
10.  Paint the lettering using an up and down "blotting" stroke.
You don't want to use sweeping strokes as that will force the paint under your stencil.
Go slow.  Take your time.  Hold each letter down as you paint.
11.  Remove the stencil.  Fill in any gaps.


my cost = FREE
(I had or found everything I needed)


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