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About Brandi

Q: Who writes for Knocking it Off?

A: I do!

"Aloha everbody!" I'm Brandi Tilini a.k.a. Superwoman Hehehe! I grew up on a tiny island in Hawaii (Moloka'i) that had very little access to things from the outside world except by plane or boat. This limited access did not impede the growth of my creativity at all; in fact, it helped it to blossom! As a child, I wasn't holed up in the house all day playing video games (the lack of a video gaming system and toys helped as well), instead I was out making mudpies and building forts out of sticks and grasses and leaves (and really anything I could find). When I was a little older, I would tell wild stories to the little ones, make up crazy songs and design clothes and dress up my " runway models" (younger siblings, cousins and other willing victims) and fix their hair and make up. Now that's a childhood!

My family also helped me build my creativity. (my mom had 6 sisters and 1 brother so I had a million cousins!) At least once a month, we would get together to play games and hold contests. There were contests for everything! For talents like singing, dancing, speaking, sports and physical fitness. There were contests for making crafts, cakes/desserts, costumes/clothing, toys, inventions, you name it, we were trying to beat eachother at it! We learned how to decorate for parties. Little parties. Big parties. Luaus. Weddings-everything from the invitations to the flowers, the cake to the dresses, the decorations to the food was all taught to me and my cousins from a young age. We were taught by example and through exposure-learning by doing. What an Awesome family I had! It was in this environment that my creativity was born and thrived!

All I need to say about the "organization" part of my life is I have OCD! If I had to get a job, I would love for it to be a professional oraganizer! I would say you could eat off my floor but I do live with 5  others of the male species!

Now, I live in San Tan Valley, Arizona. I moved because there wasn't enough sand where I came from so I had to move to the desert! Hehe! just kidding! I love it here! I am a stay-at-home mom and I have 5 wonderful boys at home (including my husband). I enjoy photography, computers, speaking, attending church, dancing, reading, decorating, cleaning (yes, cleaning!) and thinking.

Q: What is your style?

A: I would call my style tempo-organ-tic-ful.  The uncluttered and clean-lined look of contemporary decorating calms me. Growing up on an island has taught me to find a quiet place of peace where I can sit and listen and meditate. I abhor clutter and disorganization in any and every form. I will go crazy at the slightest feel, look, thought of chaos; "loudness" (as in sound) makes me extremely "mental". An organized space is key for me to enjoy and live a normal life!
Island life has also exposed me to exquisite beauty. I love and appreciate the beauty that the world (and decor) has to offer.
Island people are naturally a romantic people. A person cannot survive without Love and the world will move for love. Romance in decorating can be found a lot in colors and fabrics. I can literally "feel" the romance when I walk into a room. Yeah, that's how I roll!

My style is:

               + Organized
                + Romantic
                +  Beautiful

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