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Friday, February 18, 2011

How To: Chunky Distressed Frames (cardboard)

How To: Chunky Distressed Frames

Made from....CARDBOARD

cost = FREE

Supplies needed:
  • cardboard boxes
  • tape measure/ruler
  • tape
  • box cutter (if needed to adjust box size)
  • mod podge/school glue
  • newspaper
  • paint brush (preferably foam)
  • acrylic paint
  • screw
  • screw driver/drill
  • Velcro

This is a Mac and Cheese box I got from Walmart. 
I cut it in half.
1. I cut up the sides to create flaps. 
I measured it so that when I folded and tucked in the flaps it would create a box.
I taped the flaps on the inside of the box.
(you might get lucky and find boxes that are exactly the size you want...I wasn't so lucky.
If you can't find it...make it!)

2. Then I used my home made mod podge to apply one layer of newspaper onto the outside of the box.
(I like to do this because the newspaper absorbs the paint better then the cardboard box.  Sometimes cardboard has a thin water resistant layer and doesn't absorb paint well.)

(home made mod podge recipe:
school glue watered down with a little water)

3. After drying the box, I painted the edges of the box (see the picture above) with a cream color.  That is the color that will show when you distress the edges. 
You don't have to paint the edges cream.  You can do it without the cream under layer and it will be fine (I've done it before without painting an under layer).

4. When the cream paint was dry I painted it black (using acrylic paint).
5. Then I sanded the edges to give it a distressed look.

6. I cut off the end of a capri sun box.  This will be your frame hanger.
(measure it so that it will fit inside of your frame.  If you don't cut it enough your frame will stick out from the wall and not make contact/sit flush against the wall. 
If you cut it too much then there is less of a surface area for your frame to sit on).
You don't have to use a capri sun box.  This is just what I had on hand.  You can use any box.
& screw it to the wall.  You could nail it if you wanted to.  I prefer a screw for this project because I think it holds the frame hanger to the wall more securely (if I choose to turn the frame the other direction-if my picture is landscape instead of portrait direction). 

7. I attached a small piece of velcro to the top (to hold the box frame on).
Then I screwed the capri sun box to the wall.

(NOTE: I chose a capri sun box because it is sturdy.  You will want to use a sturdy box.  Your cardboard frame will be sitting on this box.  It is what will hold your frame up. 

8. I put the other side of the velcro on the inside of the frame.  This is what holds the frame to the hanger.

9. Getting all of the boxes lined up on the wall can be a little tricky (not necessarily just takes time and a little patience).  I recommend: measure twice, check twice, hang once:) 

10. I put a piece of packing tape in the center of the frames.  This is where the double sided tape will go to attach the picture to the frame.  This will protect the frame when pictures are removed.

Faux Chunky Wooden Distressed Frames

cost = FREE
(I already had everything I needed)


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