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Monday, February 7, 2011

How do I love thee?

How do I Love thee? By showing you how you can make some inexpensive and easy Valentine's decor for your home!

Ahhhh, Valentine's. The holiday of Love. Valentine's Day is a special day for me because I was married on that very day (for those of you that like getting gifts, do not. .I REPEAT. .DO NOT get married on Valentine's Day! Why you say? This is the reason. . .

ANNIVERSARY on VALENTINE'S DAY=. . . . .wait for it. . . .1 gift!)

LMBBO! (laughing my big booty off!)

So, ok. I don't like those cheezy valentine's decorations that I usually see around this time (you know, the frilly kind that Walmart sells). I wanted to make things that were pretty, easy, inexpensive and totally non-cheezy. So I came up with this. . . .

Ok, ok so the lightbulb is somewhat cheezy. But not too bad right? I hunted online for some pretty things I could make and I saw roses made out of crepe paper (you can get 2 rolls for $1 at the dollar tree). I love topiaries and pomander balls so I knew that it would be one of the things I would make. I also saw a  hollowed out lightbulb with a heart "filament" in it. I thought it'd make a cute gift. 
Now who doesn't have a burnt out lightbulb laying around their house? Well here's something interesting you can do with that lightbulb. This is just a little something would make a cute gift for someone to put on their desk.

Here's the one I made with a wooden block. . .cute right?

 and here's the one I made with a paper mache box. If you really wanted to go extra inexpensive, you could make the box yourself with cardboard and paper mache it.

Here are my pomander balls made from those crepe paper roses I was talking about. Tell me these wouldn't be too pretty hanging from somewhere in your house! La-la-la-love it!

and here's my rose ball as a topiary. . so pretty!

All these projects were made with stuff I already had on-hand. I love being able to whip up pretty stuff whenever I have an itch for crafts. You likey? Well, check out my How-to's for the pomander ball and topiary here, and the Valentine's Lightbulb project here. Happy Valentine's Day!


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