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Monday, April 25, 2011

Heads up! "Kohl's $10 cards"

Head's up people! You should be getting your Kohl's $10 card in the mail. These are a good way for you to spend a whole $10 of someone else's $ at Kohl's for yourself! You can either spend up to $10 and get your merchandise absolutely FREE or you can get $10 off something and pay the difference! YAY!
Contrary to what we all are used to, you do not have to buy a certain amount to use your card (which is why we love Kohl's!). That is an entire $10 for you to spend on whatever your little 'ole heart desires compliments of Kohl's.

I would totally have taken a picture of how the card looked when it came in but I already used mine Teehee! The pic would've been helpful for those of you that never realized that the card "the wonderful looking junk mail that you love to chuck as soon as it comes in" is the card I'm talking about. Yes, I've done it before unknowingly!! and Yes, we are literally throwing $ in the trash!

Anyways, here's what I got with my card! (I used the card they sent me last time to buy something but never used it so I took it back and so I had about $22 to spend altogether! yay!)

 With my $20, I bought a box of decorative cubes and 2 wrought iron easels. You can never have too many easels*;) And this is what I love most about what I got. . .

The box of wall cubes
were $29.99
 One of the easels was $14.99

And the other was $12.99

 Q. So how did I stretch my $22 so that I could buy all that cool stuff totalling almost $60? (not including sales tax)

A. Well, those Kohl's cards can also be used on any sale or clearance items as well   

Did you get that? K, I'm gonna type it again in a bigger font~

Kohl's cards can also be used on any sale or clearance items as well!!!

You gotta give me props for this one, c'mon!
Good Luck on your Kohl's shopping spree*;)


PS just got a little tip from a friend of mine, she said that if you subscribe to Kohl's emails, they give you $5 to spend at Kohl's!! Wonderfulness!
Thanks for the tip Amber M.

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