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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cool Ideas (Picture display)

Do you have pictures that you want to display but don't have the amount of frames or wall space to display it?

Well here's a solution for ya!

I am a photographer and I also make announcements and invitations so naturally, I have a ton (not kidding!) of photos and invitations that I want to display. I have a workspace/office that is tiny (we've incoporated the "office" into a nook in our loft) so there is not much space (or wall for that matter!) to display my stuff. I needed something that would utilize the little space I had and maximize its usage. And of course, I wanted it to be Beautiful!

Here's my solution. . .

a "clothesline" of pictures! Not only was this a very inexpensive solution,
 it was also very easy to make!

Here's how I did it!


 On-hand Materials: glue gun and paint brush


1.  Paint clothespins a color of your choice. Separate the wooden parts from the metal part of the pin and paint just the wooden parts. Put the pin back together when the paint dries. (I got my clothespins from the dollar tree. I think there were 100 or 150 of them for $1.
I got my paint from Michaels for .50 when it was on sale.
They are normally .75-$1 at Michaels or .98 from Walmart.You could also glue decorative paper to the front of the pins, but that's another post!

2. Prepare "flower tacks by: putting a dab of hot glue on the head of the pushpin and attaching the pushpin (with firm pressure) to the underside of the flower. (you may also use thumbtacks. I used pushpins because
it's what I had at home) The hot glue should harden in no time at all.

3. Think about how you want your display to look and where you will be displaying it. Keep these things in mind: How many things do I want to display? How much room do I have?
How much materials do I have? Remember, you can "stack"
more than one clothesline (like I did).

Here are some ways you can choose to display. . .or you can
come up with your own!

4.  When you've chosen the style and area of display, you can begin putting it up. Simply push a pushpin into one end of the ribbon (do not cut the ribbon yet!) and drape. This is your pattern (pin, drape, pin, drape, pin). Remember not to drape too much, the clothespins and pictures may weigh it down a little causing it to sag lower. Clip some of the clothespins on to see how low it will sag. The beauty of the pushpin idea is that if you make a mistake in placement, all you have to do is pull the tack out, reposition and push it back into the wall.  

5. You may want to rotate the flower so that it will "point" downward.

6. Now all you have to do is pin your photos up. Easy, peasy and beautiful!

This idea would work well in any room. If I were to do a boys room, I would paint the clothespins blue or camoflaged and glue "boy things" to the pushpins (depending on the decor, for example if the decor were cars and trucks, I would glue a toy car/truck to the pushpin. Use your imagination when decorating and have fun! 

How much did it take for me to make my photo/art display?

Ribbon (on-hand)=FREE
Flowers (on-hand)=FREE
Clothespins (on-hand)=FREE
Pushpins/thumbtacks (on-hand)=FREE
Ribbon Photo/Art Display=FREE

How much would it take for you to make a photo/art display
if you didn't have all the materials on-hand?

Ribbon (10 yards)=.50-$1 each @ Michaels/Walmart
Flowers (1 bunch)=$1 @ Dollar Tree
Clothespins=$1 @ Dollar Tree
Pushpins/thumbtacks=$1 @ Dollar Tree
Ribbon Photo/Art Display=$3.50+

(depending on the amount of ribbon you may need,
the minimum you would need to pay would be $3.50)


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this idea. I have been trying to think of a way to hang up my children's art work or special school projects, I could this idea to do that. THANK YOU!


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