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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tin Tags (made with soda pop cans)

My kids used to fight over who gets to sit where at the kitchen table.  
So...we assigned each kid a specific spot to sit at.

Then the chair fights began
(we have mix matched chairs, some with cushions and some without).
Kids were pushing and pulling chairs to their assigned spot at the table.

It was all too much!
I had "had" it with the kids!

I first started out with file folder label stickers with their names as a temporary solution. 
Then I saw this great idea on a blog.
I saw the idea quite a while ago and went back to look for it but couldn't find it
(I wanted to give them props for their idea:)

It is a knock off of those tags that are commonly seen on framed pictures or awards.

I call it Tin Tags

made from a soda pop can

my cost = $1
soda pop cans = FREE...recycled
nails = $1

  • soda pop can
  • scissors
  • something with a straight edge
  • ball point pen
  • black paint (acrylic)
  • small nails
NOTE:  Please use caution and common sense when doing this craft.
It can be dangerous and it is possible to get hurt.

1.  Cut the can top and bottom off and cut through the center so it can open up.

 2Cut a piece larger than the size that you want (you will be bending the edges).

 3.  Using something with a straight edge
(I used the handle of a butter knife) bend back the edge
(in toward the outside of the can).
DO NOT crease the edges.
If you crease the edges they will break off and create a sharp edge as if you had just cut it.

 4.  Continue to fold each edge
You will have to open up the folds as you go along (be careful). 
If you don't folding becomes more difficult.

  5.  Cut off each corner so that the cut line touches the folded corner.
The cut corners help the edges to lay flatter.

 6.  Press all folds down (but do NOT crease).

7.   Using a ball point pen (my favorite is the Bick Crystal!) write using pressure.
Write using multiple strokes if needed to create an indentation.

8.  Using black paint, paint onto the writing and rub it off
(leaving behind a thin layer of paint).
The paint will settle into the indentation.  This helps to bring out the writing.
You may need to repeat the process if you rubbed off too much paint.  I like to do 2 coats.

9.  Nail it!

Here you can see how I nailed it differently.
Using 4 nails helps to hold the corners down (excellent for the kid chairs).
On the adult chairs I used some left over tiny nails I had laying around.
For the kid chairs (I ran out of those little nails I had).  I bought carpet tacks #3 from Home Depot for about $1.00.  They were the closest the the size I wanted.  There are a ton in the box. 
I'll never ever need to buy tiny nails again!

Here are 2 variations on the Tin Tag:

you can slide labels into either one

  Plain Pocket

Curved Pocket

Happy labeling!


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