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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Take a Tour: The Front Living Room

Total = $2
(I'm not lying!!!)

I guess this is my "formal room." 
I'm not one for formalities... we call it the Front "Living" Room
because it's in the front and we "live" in it (to some extent).

Let's Begin...

Piano = FREE
(how? read below)

OK...I know you are wondering how I got a free piano so...
I'll take some time to give you a quick run down of how I got it.

I wanted a piano pretty bad.  I played as a kid and wanted to teach my kids the basics. 
So, I set out on Craig's List. 
At first, I was willing to pay $200
(but I really wanted one for free
-keep this thought in mind as you continue to read).
 I looked around and didn't see what I wanted
or it was out of my price range. 
I found a few free ones
but it was either too far or in need of repair.
I heard from a friend who said that her friend (did I lose you yet?) had gotten one for $50 on Craig's list.
That was it!  If someone else can do it, I CAN DO IT!!!!!
I was determined to get one for $50.
I continued looking (on and off) for about 6 more months.
I found one (on CL) that looked decent and it was located near to where I live.
It stated "make an offer."  So, that's what I did.
What was my price? $50 (remember...stick to your budget).
The seller did not respond and I figured that someone else got to it before I did.
A few months later I got a random e-mail (the seller had been out of town caring for her sick mother).
She said I could have it for $40.  I was pumped!!!  I gave her a big fat YES (via email).
Then once again I got no reply. 
A couple of months later
(yes, again...but remember I know about patience
she got back to me.
She said that if I picked up the piano before 3pm I could have it for free!!!!!!! YES, FREE!!!!!!!
I called a friend and they were able to help me.
That is another totally awesome story in and of itself (maybe I'll tell about it later on another post).
We arrived at the house at 2:15 to pick it up.  After chit chat and loading, we pulled away at 2:58 (yes, I remember the exact time.  Only because it was such an awesome experience).

Piano book = free
(I rescued a broken binder headed for the trash).
I found a website that has simplified piano music
It's free, so of course I love it!
I use it to teach the kids piano.
I use the songs to introduce concepts
and they learn real songs right away.
It's not the traditional method but it works for us and the kids love it because they learn to play "real" songs instead of those made up and watered down songs usually found in how to piano books.

Above Piano Grouping

Mirror = Free
Candles and candle holders = FREE
1 frame and all the pictures = FREE
2 frames = $2 (dollar store)
Total  for Above Piano Grouping = $2

A friend of mine was moving and gave me the stuff she no longer wanted (thanks C! you rock!).
She gave me the mirror (which was in her trash), candles and holders.
I had the center picture-it was a wedding present from a friend.
I bought the two smaller frames from the dollar store.
I repainted the frames and mirror.
I hand painted the wording on the mirror.
I painted it gold because that was a main color in the room
(and I had beautiful gold curtains).
I'm going to redo the room
because of a few changes in furniture (later on).

Let's recap...

Piano = FREE
Piano book = FREE
Mirror = Free
Candles and candle holders = FREE
1 frame and all the pictures/documents = FREE
2 frames = $2 (dollar store)


I'm doing the happy dance right now...because I'm so awesome!

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