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Friday, January 14, 2011

Doin my happy dance!

I went browsing over at Michaels, the dollar tree  and  the Home Depot yesterday and got a few good deals! Here's what I got at Michaels.

I got 9 recipe boxes (that's right, 9!) for 30 cents (that's right, 30 cents) each! They were pretty hideous so I also bought. . . .

Bum-bada-dum!  Scrapbook paper! (for decoupaging)

Here's a closeup of the scrapbook paper. Michaels were getting rid of certain designs to make room for new ones. I think they are pretty. . and with that kind of a price tag, they are looking even prettier! (take a peek at what I actually did with the paper and the box here)

I bought a 2 year planner too. . .cuz my busy life needs it!

ok, let's calculate the Michaels finds up. . . .hold on now, 
me and numbers don't get along too well. . .

2 yr daily planner=50 cents
9 recipe boxes @ 30 cents ea=$2.70
16 sheets scrapbook paper=$3.30
Grand Total: 6.50

 *singing "Oooh-uh! I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it!" Imma doin my happy dance!

k, now that that's all over with. . . .I also went to the Dollar tree and bought. . . .

some wooden Coasters and a book on Home Decorating. I figured I could get some ideas from the book and I had an idea about what I was gonna do with the coasters. They are solid wood! You can do anything with wood! I'll keep you posted on what I actually did with the coasters.

Grand Total=$2.00

And last but certainly not least, here's what I got at the Home Depot!

It's one of those sample jars that people buy to see if they like the color, well I guess they didn't end up liking the color but I know who did. . . .ME! Mileka actually found this one for me, thanks Mileka! It's a creamy light tan color and Behr is an awesome brand of paint. It's a good amount of paint to do several small projects.

Behr Sample paint=50 cents!

BTW, here's an interesting little tidbit. while I was at Michaels, a lady in line in front of me bought a beautiful basket with the linen inside & the ties outside. . . .you know which one I'm talking bout! anyways, she got it for a penny! Can you believe that! Here's a pic of the type of basket she got:

Anywho. . . .

Not bad for a day of "browsing" huh?
I hope all your finds are just as awesome!


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