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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How To: Dresser & Lampshade

Here's how I rescued the old dresser and lampshade from my other post "Take a tour: My Livingroom".

Dresser instructions

  1. removed all the drawer pulls and sanded the entire thing.
  2. I filled the old "drawer pull holes" with wood filler and made sure the "drawer pull rings" in the wood were sanded away (if they aren't sanded well enough, it'll show when you paint it).
  3. I liked the "antique" look of the drawer pulls so I decided to keep those. I figured out where I wanted the pulls and drilled new holes in the drawers. 
  4. I painted. No, I didn't prime and paint and seal with all the expensive stuff. . .I spray painted it! I used about 2-3 cans of black spray paint (about 98 cents each @ Walmart) and gave it about 2 good coats.
  5. When it was dry, I replaced the drawer pulls, put the drawers in and brought it inside.

The entire project took about 3 hours (including rests in between). I love the look of the finished dresser and I also love that I have tons of hidden storage!

Lampshade Instructions

If you think about it, no one is going to go and look into your lamp shade and say "Hey, this was broken and you fixed it! how ugly!" That just does not happen. So it did not matter how I fixed it up inside, no one would be able to see it anyway! So this is what I did:

  1. I bent one of the white wires up so the two wires intersected.
  2. Then I used some craft wire that I had to bind it together.
  3. Then I added a "ring" using the craft wire. I sat that ring on the top of the lamp's harp
  4. I secured the lampshade ring to the harp using the lamp's finial (round, black thing. The part used to secure the lampshade to the lamp).
BAM! Easy as pie! and just as sweet!


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