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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knocking it off's very first giveaway!!!

This Giveaway is now closed. View winners here.

"Calling" all people!
We are so excited to announce that we are having our very first
Knocking it Off giveaway!! Yay!

We wanted to get the word out about how we at Knocking it Off love to decorate our homes for as free as can be and how much we would love to help others do it just like we do!

We know that times are very difficult right now and that's exactly why more than ever, people need to be able to know how to beautify and organize their homes and spaces for as free as they can make it (and believe it or not, a lot of people don't know how to decorate without spending a butt load of $ "Gasp" shocking!). Even if just one person got something out of our blog, we would still be helping 1 person other than ourselves save some moolah.

K, so you all must be dying to know what it is that we are giving away! Well, here's a hint: you've seen our pictures! (Brandi, Mileka, Both) What's the common thing that appears in every one of both our pictures?

Got it yet?

Yes, you're exactly right!

it's our FLOWERS!
We are giving away 1 Tiare FLOWER (just like Mileka's) to 1 lucky winner and 1 Plumeria FLOWER (just like Brandi-Lee's) to another lucky winner. Altogether we'll have 2 lucky winners!

Here's what you have to do to enter to win:

1.Comment on this post telling us what you like about the knocking it off blog. (One Entry)

Extra Entries
(leave a separate comment for each entry):

2.Become a follower of our Knocking it off blog. Leave us a comment letting us know that you've become a follower and What kind of posts you would love to have us do. (One Entry)


3. Post this giveaway link   

 on your Facebook page. Leave us a comment with a link to your post (copy the address in the address bar and paste into your comment). (One Entry)


4. "Like" Knocking it off on Facebook and leave a comment on this post telling us that you've "liked" our page. (One Entry)

That's a whole 4 entries that you could qualify for!
Open to U.S. and Canada residents only!  You must be 18 years old or older to enter.
Giveaway Ends June 1, 2011 at Midnight MTD (you have 2 weeks!).  Winner will be selected using  

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. I already follow and I like your blog on FB. But I did post on my blog,,about this giveaway. The flowers are almost as beautiful as you two. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I have to say that I had to look twice at the Faux Tin Stars. You did an awesome job on them I couldn't even tell they weren't tin. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  4. So Brandi you told me to post 2 more times and I always try to do as I am told. I was wondering how you came up with this idea for a blog? It is so cool!
    I love all the wonderful sayings you have around your houses. So great!
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. Hey Bran! I love reading about the cool ideas you have on your blog...gonna post the give away on my & up the good work!
    Cat (Kuamoo) Wilson

  6. I've been following ever since the Relief Society Baking Soda class! That was AWESOME! I especially LOVE that the recipes for homemade products will work really well for our WHOLE family! (We are a transracial family and have lots of different skin and hair care needs!) I am not on facebook, but wanted to tell you guys that I LOVE all your fabulous ideas! Entrepreneurship at it's best! :0)

  7. I LOVe this blog, I probably am on here too much, but I am getting such GREAT ideas, keep them coming!!!

  8. I just followed, I would LOVE to see a multi-picture wall design, I have all my family pictures I want to hang!

  9. I totally linked you on Face book, I love you guys!! ( I am wanting that flower can ya tell??))

  10. I liked ya on Face book too!!!

  11. I love the great ideas you both have from transforming something almost considered as junk, and making it usable and functional. PLUS pretty, and displayable! :) LOVE this blog!

  12. I am definitely a follower :) And I would like to see some organizational tips for cheap. I am trying so hard to organize all the school year stuff my 3 kids have accumulated from this past school year, any tips or ideas on this?? I don't want to throw it all away but I have to find a functional way to store it. Thanks so much for an awesome blog!!

  13. I Liked you on FB!!! HOPE I WIN!!! :)

  14. AND I placed a link on my FB page as well :) Love ya both!! And again, hope I win!! :D)

  15. I've just discovered knocking it off and I love it! Wonderful ideas! keep it up!

  16. It's so much fun to see what you guys are going to come up with next! You are so creative!

  17. You guys are so cute! Love the flowers!

  18. You guys are AWESOME! Love ya!


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